An In Depth Look at Music Goals for 2014 and 2015.


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So in my last post I was very vague about what I actually did in 2014.

“So many things happened”, I said.

“Not enough time in one day,” I said.

Well the truth is I like to write things with pen and paper more than type them out on technology. In 2014 I sat down with pen and paper and I wrote down 5 goals for my budding music career that I thought I would be able to accomplish in the calendar year. I was looking through my 2014 calendar and came across that list and started to assess whether or not I accomplished all I set out to do in 2014. So with that in mind I wanted to share with you what my goals for 2014 were and also which of them I was able to accomplish.
(Please Pardon grammar and spelling mistakes… this is an entry from my personal journal)




I couldn’t believe how much I really had done in 2014. I immediately started dreaming of what could be done in the current year we are in. So many possibilities and already two months have flown by!

So here we are, March 3, 2015 and I am going to share with you my music goals the coming year.


As I look at these goals I am already getting sweaty palms and my heart bpm rate has skyrocketed.

But I share these goals with you because it is you who helped me achieve last years goals. Most of you didn’t know you were pushing me on towards success, but you were. For this year its going to be hard to accomplish these 7 things, and I know the only way I’ll be able to do it is with your support. So please help me be accountable to what I have posted here. Message me, email me, call me and make sure I’m focused and on track. I appreciate all the support this far and I hope to make you smile in 2015.

Aloha to you from the islands of Hawaii!

2014… Full of Tales Told… 2015… What will you bring?

20130912-125508.jpgSo many things to share with you since my last post.

I can’t believe a year has passed since I was in Europe sharing stories of my journey with you. Or almost a year since I tried out for The Voice and just over a year since I started my CD, which this website is named after. So much has happened and I want so badly to share it all with you, but there just isn’t enough time in a day.

This year held two really big ongoing stories, my CD and moving to Kauai to work at HA Coffee Bar.

I wanted to update you on the CD. It’s done! TALES OF A WANDERING HEART by JOEY CHARLES is available on CDbaby for digital download as well as In CD form. If you would like a copy of the album directly from me just email me and I’ll try my best to get it to you in a timely manner. It is available on ITunes and Amazon and if you’d like to hear the tracks on the album I just put some of them on SoundCloud for you to check out. I am so excited to share this album with you and the people who have been listening to it already have had positive feedback.

I’m looking to have a CD release party soon here on Kauai, with a stellar group of musicians from the islands. Don’t worry “Mainiacs” I’m hoping to come home this summer and have a release party with the band that helped create this album with me. Stay tuned.

More news to come on that as it unfolds.

As far as my life here on Kauai it has been quite the journey. I still host the Open Mics on Saturday at Ha Coffee Bar and play music around town when I can. I recently played a show with stellar group of musicians for a Mele Kalikimaka performance at Ha Coffee Bar. I was able to share the stage with AOWL, Aldrine Guerrero, Aaron Nakamura, Juno Apalla, and Mark “Baldanado” Baldanado. It was an amazing event that inspired me to get down to business with my music.

It has been a year of learning for me in so many different areas, but most of all what it takes to be a performing artist and a recording artist. There is so much work involved behind the scenes that I never knew existed. Sometimes I wonder what happened to just making music? What happened to using your voice to create positive change? Your music to make people feel? Your lyrics to bandage wounds, instead of making them deeper or creating new ones? I hope for the next year I will be able to make music that inspires others, that heals wounds, but most of all stories that continue to tell the tales of this wandering heart. Some stories will be painful to tell, others will bring smiles filled with Joy. But all of them will be honest, and make you feel.

May 2015 be a wonderful year for you and yours. For me it is the beginning of a journey and I hope you will hang around to hear the…



October Newsletter- “The Moment Has Arrived”

Aloha Everyone!

I know it’s been a long while since I’ve put finger to keyboard to transcribe my thoughts, but this moment could not be passed by without taking note.

I’ve just got word that my album is completely mixed and ready to be mastered! This just seems like a dream! I’ve been working on this album since DEC 2013, in Readfield, Maine, with Producer Ed Desjardins and many other talented artists and now the moments is almost here to share all of our hard work with you.

I’ll share with you some exclusive bits about what to expect on the album.

1. There will be 10 songs, 9 original and one traditional, on the album.

2. Unlike my EP these songs are all full band arrangements.

3. My sister is a featured vocalist on one of the tracks.

4. The album will be called “Tales of A Wandering Heart”, just like my EP. It will also have the same album cover art by the wonderful and talented Rachelle Foucachon.

5. This album can best be described as eclectic. From the variety of places these songs were conceived, to the musical variety you will hear along the way, each and every one of you will be able to connect to the album in some manner.

I am so looking forward to getting this album out to you so you can hear some stories from my journeys around this great big world.

Much Aloha From The Island of Kauai to You wherever You may be,

Joey Charles
Le Professeur Music

Le Professeur Music (Joey Charles) August Newsletter

Hello Wandering Hearts,

This past month has been a crazy journey.  So much so that I wasn’t able to sit down and write a July Newsletter to you.  I was playing music all across the country and even attended a Songwritters conference on the island of Kauai, Hawaii called the Kauai Music Festival.

      Speaking of Kauai, I will be moving to the island at the beginning of September for the foreseable future. This month is all about playing shows in the state of Maine, to say goodbye to those of you who have been supporting me since this music journey began last summer.  I would love to see you at one of my shows in the coming weeks.
Below is my brief August Schedule… Hope to see you out and about!
The Pointe Afta
Winslow, ME


You Know Whose Pub
Waterville, ME
Thursday Aug 14

Readfield Emporium
Readfield, ME
Sat Aug 16

Day’s Store
Belgrade Lakes, ME
Thur Aug 21

Augusta, ME
Fri Aug 22

Wings Hill Inn
Rome, ME
Sun Aug 24

We are almost at a point where I can send the songs off to get mastered.  It is crazy to think that this project, which started in December 2013, is almost done.  I am hoping to have something ready for you by the end of August, but realistically its looking like September will be the month of CD release.  

ALSO… Check out new Youtube videos featuring CLAUDIA SWOPE, and VIOLET ASUNCION.

If you have any questions about the CD or upcoming shows, please feel free to email me at

Aloha to you all!

Joey Charles
Le Professeur Music

Instagram: @leprofesseurjoe


Le Professeur June Schedule

Welcome to Summer Everyone!

It sure feels like we just skipped over spring up here in Maine. We went all the way to 80 degree weather in a weeks time. Wow! Hope your weather is nice and sunny and your days filled with that summertime vibe!

First things first, I want to thank all the wonderful people that came out to my shows last month. Whether it was for my shows here in Maine, or my show in Minnesota, I just want to thank you for coming out and supporting my musical journey.

Here are a few things coming up for Le Professeur Music in the month of June.

I will be playing in five new venues, three of those are in Southern Maine and New Hampshire (See schedule for specifics).

I will be co-billing the second edition of Maine Songwriters Night at the Olde Post Office Café in Mt. Vernon with the lovely and talented Sorcha Cribben-Merrill from the Portland, ME area. (June 19th, 7:00)

This next Tuesday I will be starting a weekly gig at The Pointe Afta in Winslow. You will find me playing either on the porch or inside this highly rated Sports Bar and Grill every Tuesday evening from 6-9pm.

Also, I will be hosting the first of 5 “By The Lakeside” Open Mic Events at Day’s Store in Belgrade Lakes, ME. (June 26th, 6-9pm)

Like I said, so much is happening this month! Below is a complete month of June schedule.

Like I said, so much is happening this month! Below is a complete month of June schedule.


Le Professeur At You Know Who’s Pub
Thu Jun 5 2014
Waterville, ME

Le Professeur At The Pointe Afta
Winslow, ME

Le Professeur At The Gin Mill
Fri Jun 13 2014
Augusta, ME

Le Professeur At Readfield Emporium
Sat Jun 14 2014
Readfield, ME

Maine Songwriters Night Ft. Sorcha and Joey Charles
Olde Post Office Cafe
Thu Jun 19 2014
Mt Vernon, ME
Dinner at 5:00p/Show at 7:00p
$8 Cover Charge

Le Professeur At Tamworth Lyceum
Sun Jun 22 2014
Tamworth, NH

Hosted By Le Professeur
Day’s Store
Thu Jun 26 2014
Belgrade Lakes, ME

Le Professeur At The Hive
Sat Jun 28 2014
Kennebunk, ME

Le Professeur At The Flatbread Company
Mon Jun 30 2014
Portland, ME

As you can probably tell this month is full of new venues and new parts of Maine and the North East I get to share my music with. It is going to be an exciting month that really sets the pace for the summer months.

I am looking forward to seeing you at one or more shows this month! I am adding more songs to my library and look forward to hearing from you what you would like to hear.

Also this month everything that I make in tips is going to help me finish my first CD that I am currently working on with Ed Desjardins. I am trying very hard to have that out in the world by the end of this summer. Both money and time are tight, but the goal is still the same. Get you a fully produced album of the tales that I have to share, by the end of the summer.

Thanks so much for you support!

Joey Charles
Le Professeur Music
Instagram: Leprofesseurjoe


Le Professeur MAY Update and Scehdule


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May Schedule
Hello Everyone!

This first month of my 26th year has been a blast! Recording in the studio, meeting lots of new people at my gigs in Readfield, Augusta, Waterville, and Kittery, Maine as well as in Minnesota and getting out and about to support some great Maine talent like Dom Colizzi, Ed Desjardins, Samantha Lynn and more… Wow this was a full month!

In May I will be bouncing around again between Maine and Minnesota.  I will be playing shows in Readfield and Skowhegan, Maine, as well as one in Roseville, MN.

Here is what the schedule looks like.
MAY 2nd:

Augusta, ME
7:30-10:30MAY 15th:
Readfield, ME
6-9pmMAY 17th:
J Arthur’s Coffee
Ft. Jessica Charles (Vocals) and Ro Adams (Percusion)
Roseville, MN

MAY 31:
Skowhegan, ME

MAY 2nd:
Augusta, ME
If you missed this gig, you missed a good time!  Don’t worry though, should be getting another gig here soon and then you’ll have another chance to enjoy an evening at Charlamagne’s in Augusta, ME. 

“It was certainly a fun one. Its not every night you get to play a couples wedding song for them! or sing happy birthday to two people at one gig! Happy Birthday Keith and Diana! A moment I certainly won’t forget. Thanks to Nickole Wheeler and Ash for doing what you do to make everyones night enjoyable. Hoping to see you all again very soon!”

MAY 15th:
Readfield, ME
Always one of my favorite gigs to look forward too.  Wonderful food, wonderful service, and always a wonderful crowd.  Looking forward to you being apart of this wonderful evening.

MAY 17th:
J Arthur’s Coffee
Ft. Jessica Charles (Vocals) and Ro Adams (Percusion)
Roseville, MN
This will be my last show in Minnesota for a while and Im excited to see what will happen with it.  I’ll have my sister singing back up vocals with me again and also a new percussionist.  The last time I was in Minnesota I was able to jam with a cajon player at Segue Cafe for the last hour of my gig.  This time I’ll have him around for the entire gig!  Welcome to Crew Ro Adams!

MAY 31:
Skowhegan, ME
Another gig at one of the most unique venues i’ve ever played.  Come and experience ultimate pub vibe at this two floor eatery.


Days Store and Le Professeur Music
Open Mic Series
June 26th
July 3rd
July 10th
July 17th
August 7th
Location: Day’s Store
“This summer I will be hosting the Second Annual “BY THE LAKESIDE” Open Mic Series!
Last year was such a huge success that Day’s Store and Le Professeur Music have teamed up once again to bring you this unique outdoor open mic experience right on the edge of Long Pond, in Belgrade Lakes, ME.
If you want to share your talents, or want to hear some amazing local and out of state talent, then come on down to Days Store this summer on the days listed below to watch the sunset, grad a bite to eat from Days, or an ice cream at Lakeside Scoops! It is sure to be another fun year at the “By The Lakeside” Open Mic Series presented by Day’s Store.”

      I can’t tell you how excited I am for things to come.  I have been working on my first studio album with the one and only Ed Desjardins and it is sounding so good right now.  We are about 4 or 5 songs out of 10 into it so i’m hoping to get it out to you by summer.  Speaking of summer, I just booked my tickets for my trip to the Kauai Music Festival this year and will hopefully be performing out on Kauai while im there.

     I would love to hear from you guys and gals! Send me a message about anything and I’ll get back to you I promise!  Looking forward to chatting with you soon!Joey Charles
Le Professeur Music


Iris AlohaI first met Iris in a book.  Not a fairy tale story or a childrens book, but a book called “Life is the School, Love is the lesson” about free schooling, a new form of Homeschooling being done on the island of Kauai.  She had written a small piece about her experiences at the Kauai Music Festival Songwriting contest that she had won in 2011.  I was so intrigued by her story that I looked her up on Facebook and found that we had a friend in common that I went to Highschool with.  I messaged her and asked her about the Kauai Music Festival and from there we’ve become friends.  I officially met her back in June when I drove to VT to see one of her shows at Nectars in Burlington, VT.  Her soulful voice is a throw back to the Power Divas in their prime, but Iris doesn’t stick to just one genre.  We are similar in that regard. We have love for music as a whole, not just a love for a specific genre or type.  You can find her playing everything from Michael Jackson and Bob Marley, to Bonnie Raitt and Coldplay, but always with her special Iris brand stamped on it.

Iris is originally from Vermont, but took a few years to try living in the Hawaiian Islands, specifically Hanalei Bay, Kauai, where she made quite the name for herself.  Due to some health issues she has returned to Vermont while awaiting her time to get a new Kidney.  At just the young age of 24 Iris has gone from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows and is one of the strongest spirits I know.

Here is a little more information about Iris’ medical situation…

“Iris Downey, of Pacific Island heritage, was born and raised in Burlington, VT. In 2006 she was diagnosed with Acute Lupus Nephritis. After utilizing traditional western medicine and eating a raw vegan diet, Iris went into remission for a short period of time while living on the beautiful Island of Kauai, HI. She was able to establish a rich musical career and produce an album. However, given the strength and particular nature of her disease, it returned and quickly destroyed her kidneys. The doctors have told Iris that her only chance at a healthy life is to have a kidney transplant.”

-Patient Iris Downey “”

Iris Face


Age: 24… turning 23 in the next few months. :-)

Hometown/ Current Location:  Burlington, VT/ Hanalei, Kauai, HI

Hobbies: Art.  Anything that has to do with Arts and Crafts.  I love to draw and create my own Press Materials.

Favorite Color:  Glitter

If you could get on a plane right now, where would you go?:  First Class/ Hawaiian Air/ JFK to Lihue, Kauai

What song are you singing in your head?:  Mirror, Mirror by m2m

Last book read:  Cowboys Are My Weakness by Pam Houston

Instagram Account ID:  irisdowneymusic

What is your occupation and how did you get into this line of work?:

Currently I am a part time musician, and a part time disabled American, waiting for a kidney transplant.

Its been a long journey that started with writing poetry and singing.  I taught myself how to play guitar.  The turning point for me was going to the Kauai Music Festival and after that I took songwriting a lot more seriously.  I started to work with Grammy award winner Charles Brotman on that first album.  Now that I’m sick, i’m taking a break from full time music, but still writing and performing from time to time in Vermont.  Hopefully when I get through this sickness I will continue writing not only for myself, but for other people as well.

What are some of the struggles you have had in your line of work? 

What are some Victories?

In the last five years its been really up and down.  At the beginning when I returned to hawaii it was hard to get connected with the right people, but when I did it was a blast.  We would go all around Kauai and play all the different venues and it was fun to be apart of that and meeting all kinds of people.

Another struggle was all the work it took to have a presence, not only on the island, but online and getting recordings done on time.  Being a one person jack of all trades in this industry is a lot of work.  You don’t realize how much work goes into the music, but luckily its a passion project.

A huge success was winning the Kauai Music Festival in 2011.  And my biggest struggle to date is just being sick.  It came out of nowhere and now I’m trying to find the balance between taking care of myself and being myself.  But I know there are more victories to come in the future so i’m looking forward to that.


What big things happened to you in 2013? 

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

2013 was a year that just left me battered.  Just going this time of being on Dialysis and needing a transplant has made me a different person.

But I see 2014 in a positive light, because I feel this year will be the year I get my transplant and can move on with my life.  Im really excited about the new person I am and the person I will be when Im healthy again.  The way that I’m looking at life and the way that life will unfold, Im just really excited about 2014.  I have no clue what its going to look like, but Im totally open to all the possibilities.


Please share something that you could use some help with in the next year:

Please like my Facebook Page.  I am always looking to connect and share my music with new people. A lot of my support these days is through social media.  So getting engaged with that is a huge help. You can find the links below.

And if you are in the VT area it would be a huge support if you were to come to my shows.  This is a huge form of support of me.  I will have my CDs available at the shows and I would love to get a copy into your hands.

Keep an eye out for me as I start to get to my feet back under me and get back out in the world.  I will need help in finding my way, getting back to what I was doing before, and just a simple check in from time to time would mean the world to me.


If you had the opportunity to tell the world one thing, what would it be?:

Take Care Of Yourself.  Take care of your body and your heart.


Any other comments/information you’d like the readers to know? 

Iris Downey’s links are:

FACEBOOK: or search Iris in Bloom
INSTAGRAM: irisdowneymusic
TWITTER: irisdowney
TRANSPLANT INFORMATION: and search for patient Iris Downey

Iris Aloha2



I first got to see Dom Colizzi perform when I went to one of my sisters chorus concerts in middle school.  You could tell right from the start that there was a focus about this kid that was going to propel him far in life.  When people came up to him after the show and congratulated him on a job well done he always greeted them with a sincere and humble, “thank you.”

Now with that same humble spirit Dom Colizzi is chasing after his dreams of becoming a professional recording artist.  After the release of his first single, “Last First Kiss” on iTunes last month and his first headlining show at the famed Waterville Opera House, he is certainly on his way to reaching the goals he has set for himself.

I played a show this summer with Dom right after he got back from a year in LA and was able to see first hand his drive and passion for music, and of course his immense amount of talent.

His new single “Love Stuck” is set to be released on the 28th of January! Make sure you check it out on iTunes along with “Last First Kiss”, which is currently available.

Read on to get to know a little more about Dom Colizzi and find out what he is looking forward to in 2014 and how you can help him reach those goals!


Name: Dom Colizzi

Age: 21

Hometown/ Current Location: Oakland, ME

Hobbies: Music, Acting, Sports, and Dancing

Favorite Color: Blue

If you could get on a plane right now, where would you go?: Italy

What song are you singing in your head?: Come Back Song by Darius Rucker

Last book read: Everything You Need To Know About The Music Business

Instagram Account ID: domcolizzi

What is your occupation and how did you get into this line of work?:

Music full time; It all started with a dream, hoping to make it a reality

What are some of the struggles you have had in your line of work?  What are some Victories?

Doors closed, numerous phone calls hung-up on, “Sharks”, let downs, and waiting time to get things done, but the greatest victory of all, is being able to wake up and do it every single day.

What big things happened to you in 2013?  What are you looking forward to in 2014?

My first Country single, “Last First Kiss”, made it on the Country New and Noteworthy charts on Itunes alongside the greats such as Blake Shelton, Eric Church, Parmalee, Brantley Gilbert, and many more! I’m looking forward to touring throughout New England in 2014!

Please share something that you could use some help with in the next year:

Network and marketing on a larger scale

If you had the opportunity to tell the world one thing, what would it be?:

Stop dreaming, start living

Any other comments/information you’d like the readers to know?  (Business info/Artists info/ Websites)

Look into and start building a network and fan base on a National scale! Think global, act local!

Check out his music on:

        DOM COLIZZI Reverbnation       

                                              DOM COLIZZI Facebook                                                                

A New Blog Series: People of 2013



Over the last year I’ve been able to meet some amazing people doing amazing things.  They have made this past year a memorable one for me.  With that in mind I want to thank them by doing a New Blog series that puts the spotlight on them.

This new series is about the people that inspired me in 2013 and that deserve a little bit of recognition for what they are doing with their lives.

Some will be musicians, others will be business owners, others will be artists and photographers.  I’ve met a couple of people this year so it will be an eclectic group.

Hope you enjoy getting to know some of the people I’ve been blessed to meet this year.



Being Friends With Failure

Being Friends With Failure

Check This Link:

Once I went to perform at a Valentines Day songwriters contest.  It was fun getting to see how everyone performed and shared their music.  When I got up to perform I thought I did pretty well.  Felt like I had a good song and a pretty good performance.  At the end of the contest the awards were given and I didn’t make the top 5.  I was kind of hurt, but was ok with it.  I went to get the scores from the judges to see where I could improve and what I saw really floored me.

One of the judges rated me really low across the board and ended up giving me an 11/20 for overall talent.  That hurt me even more then not making the top 5.  My whole life people had been sharing with me that I did have talent, and now I received this bit of news from the producer on the panel.  It got to me.  For days I was talking with others looking for reassurance that this guy didn’t know what he was talking about.  Reassurance that I did have talent and I was a good performer.  I could have easily said I was a failure, because of one guys opinion, and quit my music career right there and stopped writing music.

Instead I used this failure to my advantage.  I used it as fuel.  I realized that day that not everyone will believe in you.  Not everyone will give you a pat on the back and tell you that you bring the light into their day.  You have to decide what to listen to and what you are going to do with those voices and opinions.  I decided to aim to prove this opinion wrong.

This summer I created my own European Tour and played in 4 different countries.  I went to Guam and hosted an Open Mic event at a Film Festival to help encourage others to keep working at bettering their skills in music and poetry.  I went to hawaii and for a month and a half played three shows a week solo and with other talented musicians.  I started another Open Mic at a new coffee shop and played with one of the most talented ukulele players in the world.

One man should not be able to stop ambition.  An Opinion only has the power to crush a dream if you let it.  Sometimes you are going to mess around with the guy named failure, but it should never keep you from your dreams.  It should only fuel the fire that burns inside that makes you want to accomplish what you see in your sleep.

Failure shows us where we must improve.  Only the best stare their failures in the eyes and tell them that they will not hold them back, and then back up their words.

Maybe being friends with failure isn’t so bad after all.

“Dat Dat Dat don’t kill me, Can only make me stronger”

- Kanye West/Daft Punk

(One and only time I will ever quote Kanye)


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