DAY 1- Travel and Arrival

What a day this has been. A day of travel.

It actually started yesterday with a bit of surfing at Higgins Beach with my father. My mom came down and took pictures of us (pictures to be added later) and we had a great bit of family time. We were catching all kinds of waves and it was the best remedy for an uneasy heart about to travel into the unknown.

Today I took a bus from Portland, Maine to Boston, MA. I flew from Boston to Munich, Germany. Had a five hour layover in Munich and then flew on to Vienna, Austria.

I met two pretty cool people along the way, both of which were traveling to Poland.

The first person I met was named Sara. We sat next to each other on the 7 hour flight from Boston to Munich. She was traveling from Toronto, but was from a territory in the north of Canada called Nunavut, to Poland to visit a friend. She is the first person that I have met from the article circle and she shared with me about life in an area of the world that has light for 24 hours a day at some points during the year and darkness for the same amount of time at others. That kind of living just boggled my mind, but she assured me that it wasn’t to bad. “You just put up blinds or wood over the windows to make the house pitch black on the inside,” she said. Fair enough.
She also shared with me about her extensive travels to South America and Europe. Complete with pictures of her victorious climb up to Machpichu in Peru and pictures of her standing next to a huge glacier from Greenland back in her hometown. She seems to be quite the adventurer and with stops planned in the South Pacific soon, I don’t believe that will change anytime soon. Awesome.

Then I made it to Munich airport and met a Taiwanese guy named Alex. We met at the free espresso machines that Lufthansa supplies (And people wonder why I love Lufthansa) and started chatting about the journeys we both were about start. He was stuck in Munich because his flight was delayed to Warsaw. He was off to spend some time with a polish friend and get the real cultural experience. I was pretty excited for him, there is nothing like getting to know a new culture through the eyes of a local. I was able to share with him a little bit about my past experiences in Europe and also a little bit about my music and playing back in the states. It was a great meet and great over free espresso (thanks Lufthansa)!

After I sat down I decided I would take out my guitar and start playing music, practice a bit, and maybe do a little bit of singing. It was a success. People in the airport really enjoyed it and it kept me awake. I played for about an hour as people came and went. I think this whole music thing is gunna work out in the end after all.

The plane to Vienna was a quick one and I slept the whole 45 min. And when I got to Vienna I was able to connect with a former camper, Sarah Herzog, from Austrian English camps and able to catch a ride with her and her mother back to their house, where I took a shower, talked with Sarah for a little while and quickly went to sleep after that. And a good nights sleep at that!

If you are in/around Vienna… Come find me!

Oh… It’s so good to be back in Europe.

Le professeur



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