Day 2: Hanging With Free Wifi

Today I spent a lot of time with Sarah and Florian Herzog, the people that are giving me a place to stay. Started off with meeting Florian for the first, we’ve been Facebook acquaintances for a couple of years but had never met in person. Sarah, Florian and I talked over breakfast about how we were connected and how I had come to Vienna in the first place. We spent a lot of time talking about English Camps and just enjoying each others company.
After that I found my way down to the Tram and made my way down into the city. I went straight to my old stomping grounds. The place that I knew the best from my previous visits, Stephansplatz. Was able to post some pictures of the church that is there on my Instagram, which you can find below, and walked up and down some of the back streets.
Today was my day for setting up meetings with people I know that live in the city. Well it was a horrible day for that. All the meetings that I tried to set up were either rained out, or I wasn’t able to connect with the person. It was so frustrating to receive message after message saying people were out of town or couldn’t get together, but in the end I was able to meet with almost everyone I wanted to meet with.
I got to hang out with a special friend of mine. His name was wi-fi and we were able to meet a couple different places on this day. Our favorite hangout was McDonald’s. We spent a lot of time there as we enjoyed the European standard of fast food. I also went and found a little cafe called “The Coffee Company”, where a friend of mine from Bosnia had taken me one of the first times I was in Vienna. It hadn’t really changed that much since that day back in 2008, and it was cool to be able relive a memory even if only have of the duo was there.
I traveled to the Museum Quarter and hung out there for a bit. That is most certainly the bohemian part of the city and it is one of my favorite parts of Vienna. You can go there and look at the art that is posted all around the area, as well as check out the museums that are there. There is always something new and different there. For example, a boat made out of recycled materials and the benches you find everywhere that change colors every couple of months or so. Always something new and exciting at the Museum Quarter.
Then decided to go back to the Herzog’s home because it was on the verge of raining. This was after I searched the 18 district for a church that a friend of mine was rehearsing at. I never did find it, but I came to find out later I walked by the church twice that night.
I made it back to the place I was staying and soon after it started raining. And when I say raining I don’t mean a lite pleasant summer breeze, I mean you could see the lightening across the sky and hear the constant pounding of the rain all around. Luckily by then we had pulled out a bottle of wine and I started to play music. We were waiting for some of Florian’s friends to arrive from Switzerland. They had booked the wrong flight and instead of flying they decided to drive from Switzerland, to Vienna, that night. Needless to say we played a lot of music that night as we waited for them to arrive around 1 am, but arrive they did!
Raphael, Kathrin, and Ruth all made it to the house. We stayed up a little longer just drinking wine and talking about the trips and what was gunna happen this weekend. It may not have been a very fruitful day before 9pm, but it certainly finished on a good note.

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