Day 6-7: Tag sechs und sieben im fotos…

Some fun things have been happening the past couple of days that I don’t have a ton of time to write about, but I want to share them with you anyways. Here is a list of things that I’ve done to catch you up…

Day 6
-Saw a Castle in the town of Neuleiningen with Charly. “Walked up the castle, walked down the castle and walked around the castle.”


-I shared with Charly my three ways of saying hello in German and she shared her laughter informing me that no one uses “Gruess Gott” anymore.
-Went to a winery and found my favorite white wine “gerwertzraminer” and was blessed with a bottle to take with me for a very special occasion. Thanks Charly.


-Went into Gruenstadt to see a local church and had Spaghetti Eis… Ice cream that looks like Spaghetti.


There is a video that will be posted about the stars and moon that hang from the ceiling in the picture below.
-Had an amazing dinner with the Roesel family. A wonderful German BBQ with a local German beer to go with it. After dinner had a wonderful cake challenge. I was asked by Mareike to judge which is better, her cake or her mothers cake… Lets just say it is still undecided. In fact I think I need some more of both of these cakes to make a complete judgement… Mmmm more cake.
-Played music for the family in their living room. Played a lot of the classic songs in my song book and was pleasantly surprised to have Mareike’s parents singing along with “Country Roads” and “the boxer”. It was a great evening.


Day 7
– Mareike took me on a tour of Eisenberg. I saw the towns Catholic Church as well as some home made decorations for the towns 1250 yr anniversary.


– A highlight of the day was when we went to Strawberry Land. This is the place where Mareike worked last year, but it became famous when she shared it in Guam as her “special thing about me” in the ice breakers. I was able to eat many strawberries and got a bottle of strawberry wine.


– Met Charly at the supermarket and bought food to cook for that evening. We bought mushrooms, Semmel Kneoodel, and some meat. Went home and played some music before starting to fix dinner. As we were cooking I decided to not speak for half an hour and Mareike and Charly almost went into shock. I was under the impression that they were tired of hearing my voice so I wanted to give them a break. I was very focused on my cooking skills for that half an hour and you can I was a real cook with wine in hand and all!



-It was a great meal and we ate a great deal.




-The rest of the night was filled with hilarious misunderstandings and great conversations about my take on Germany’s history and how impressed I am with how a country that was stripped twice down to nothing economically, WW1 and WW2, has rebounded in such a way that 70 years later they have become an economic force once again in Europe. People sometimes look at Germany and call it the land of strict rules and regulations, but there is something to be said about a country that is willing to invest not just money, but also their lives to making something work. People in the country complain about many things as well, but what Deutschland has accomplished is pretty close to a miracle and I am fascinated by that. Keeps me coming back to learn more.

– After Mareike and I walked Charly back to her car and had a brief dance party under the stars, we came back and did some star gazing. Out of no where I saw four lights in the sky that were bigger than stars. They moved across the sky at a fast pace and I thought for sure I had my first UFO sighting. Found out from Mareike that they were paper balloons with fire inside. Well that ruined that for me… But it was also nice to be able to breathe again after the crap was scared out of me.


– We sat outside for a couple more minutes and saw some shooting stars and then finally called it a night.

There will be videos posted about some of the events as well. Check out Le Professeur’s YouTube for more info.

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