Day 8- Last Day In Eisenberg.

This is my last day in Eisenberg.

Spent some time with Mareike walking to a playground and having a good time walking around Eisenberg. We went and had Doener at a Kebab shop and enjoyed walking the streets. I got my favorite kind of Eis, Malaga, and enjoyed spending time with my Guam friend from Germany.

That night we went to a park in Gruenstadt and spent some time with the crew. It was so much fun. Played speed badminton with Joachim and a game that when translated into English is called “Vikings Chess”. On the night I went 3 for 4 and I was inspired to go home and create this game to play it with the family. Got to play some music in the park for the group and enjoyed watching the sun go down, talking with Maresa, hanging with the guys, and catching up with Charly. The group was blessed with Eis from Annely and Joachim. And I got the two favors that brighten my day. Malaga and Stratchiatella. It was a good time.


Left to Right: Felix, Joachim, Annely, Maggy, Daniela, Charly, Mareike




Then at this point of the night things got a little difficult for me and a couple of my new friends. The hand on the clock wasn’t slowing down and my early morning train departure was fast approaching. It’s hard to say goodbye.

Thoughts From A Wandering Heart: Trouble With Traveling

At this point of the night we went to Felix and Jo-Jo’s house and chilled. I was out of it. The realization of this being the last thing that I was going to do with these people wa really hitting me hard. We listened to some Sufjan Stevens and ate some watermelon. We played several games of Twister and just hung out.

Charly, Mareike and I went outside to record the dance of victory that I created when beating Charly in Table Soccer (fussball) a couple days earlier. We recorded the passing on of this dance from the American to the German and that will be posted soon. This dance was heavily influenced by my days at Word Of Life Island camp, but the choreography is original. :-). We took some pictures with my new hair extensions, that were short lived, and some trio photos.




We lived up these last few moments that we got to share together and then we all went our separate ways. Besides a quick turnaround because I forgot my wallet at Felix and YoYos house, we made it back alright and then went to bed.

The time here at Eisenberg and the areas around it have been a huge blessing to me. I never expected such a reception and was blown away by the hospitality from The Roesel family, and Teichmann family. Thanks to Felix for helping with the show on Monday and bringing all the games to the park. Thanks to Charly for hanging out with me and putting up with my Americanness… 🙂 and thanks of course to Marieke for making this all happen. Thanks for responding to my message and doing everything in your power to make me feel as welcome as possible. It worked.



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