Thoughts From This Wandering Heart: Pt. 2 – The People You Meet On The Way

So traveling on a train is always an interesting experience. You just never know who you are going to meet or in what fashion these meetings will take place.

If you could just imagine me carrying three bags onto a train, Two strapped to my body while I drag one behind me, going down an isle that barely has enough room for the bag I’m dragging. Then put legs and arms in that isle, which always seems to happen, and the fact that I have to place a 50 lbs bag in the overhead storage area ever time I get on the train, and you have quite the spectacle. It could be quite the comedy special if marketed properly.

I can only imagine what people are thinking when I pass by.

“Please keep on walking by and don’t sit here. That is just to much baggage for me to handle.”

“Oh boy. Another wide load coming through.”

There are moments when I wish I had my Go Pro attached to my chest to be able capture the looks on people’s faces. It’s priceless.

But there are times when some of those faces are welcoming and kind. Those are the moments I really appreciate as a foreign traveler.

On this train ride from Amberg to Braunschweig I met two really cool people. They were both heading home on a short holiday and I was able to chat with them for a little while before they got off the train.

The first was a waitress named Vikki from Naumburg. She has an intense love for music, mostly techno, house, and dance types. She is such a fan of music that she wears a tattoo that declares “Music defines/drives the rhythm of her life.” I loved that. I know how that feels and as a musician myself, my hope is that ill create music that impacts people with this mind set. I know how music has impacted my life and it has a way of impacting others world wide, so maybe there is a place for me here. She shared with me what some popular music was here in German, or at least what she holds in high regard, and we talked back and forth through broken English about her time in the states. It was a fun change of pace for me. Got some house and techno groups to check out now.

The second person I met was an architecture student named Imke from Magdeburg. She was reading a fantasy novel about a princess that gets stolen from her homeland and falls for someone that is a member of the “clan” that captured her. This was her 3rd time reading this book. Must be some kind of awesome book! We also talked about how it is hard to be a architect in Germany because there are very few creative buildings in the modern era. Most homes are built in uniform fashion with very little creative freedom. Imke was telling me that she will probably move to a place where she will be able to have a little more creative freedom in what she designs. She also shared with me that she really appreciated the creative style of one Zaha Hadid, who, from the sound of it, is known for creative angles. I will be looking that up in the future. I can tell by her creative spirit and her persistence in life, that she will be admired by others someday. And so I got a picture with her so one day when I’m sitting in a newly built structure, I can pull out this picture and say, “Ya I met the person who designed this building.”


It just goes to show you… In life you never know who might sit beside you or how long they will be there, but you better be ready to make the most of the moments you have.

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