Thoughts From A Wandering Heart Pt. 3: The Things You Might Learn Over Dinner In Europe

Have you ever had dinner with someone from another country. A dinner in their home, in their country, on their terms? I would argue that you can learn more about one culture over dinner, then you can just trying to learn about things as an observer. Here are some things, pearls of wisdom if I may, that I’ve learned over be course of this trip. With more to be added.

1. Bread is life: Europe
2. Always drink your beer with dinner so it won’t interfere with dessert, unless the beer is your dessert: Germany
3. Croatia has 1,244 islands: Germany
4. When food is prepared slowly, it will be eaten slowly : France
5. Dinners should never be just about food: General revelation
6. Swiss German is funny to listen to if you speak any of the other flavors of the German language: Austria
7. No one country has it right and we can learn a lot from one another: World revelation
8. 8:00pm is beer time: France
9. You’ve never really gotten to know someone until you have had a meal with them: Trip Revelation
10. Music is accepted before the meal, during the meal, and after the meal, except when the one playing the music says its time to eat, or the musician is holding others back from being able to eat. : musicians revelation.
11. Americans need to put more emphasis on learning languages. If we are to be ambassadors in this world, it would be really wise if we learned to communicate in the language of those we are looking to help/serve. : General Revelation
12. In France it seems that everything is about quality and no quantity when it comes to food. Courses are small, in the eyes of this American, but don’t leave you wanting. The courses may leave a little bit of space around your waist line, but that isn’t a bad thing in the end. That is why most French people aren’t large. In America it’s usually about speed and size of portions. In France it’s about making sure the quality is there and the portions aren’t to much. I like that.

I have to say that I like food, but I really like sharing time and conversation over food. Thank you to all the people and the families that have given me the opportunity to have this experience. It has given me a much deeper understanding of your culture as well as given me the opportunity to share with you about my culture.

Bon Apetit!

















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