DAY 16: Cream Cafe Concert

So the 16th day of my 21 day trip brings about the final day of the Le Professeur European Tour.

Cream Cafe, Les Bourdaines, Seignosse, France

I got to this gig super early thinking that they were open all day. They usually are but today they had closed a little early to try and get some things done. So I sat outside for a little while waiting before the owner realized I was there and invited me in. Alex, the owner/manager of the establishment, was really nice about me being early and let me get settled into the location well before I was supposed to play.

I played out on the deck and from time to time the rain came to visit, but in the end it held off long enough for me to play and break down all my equipment. As I started to play, everyone that said they were going to show up started doing just that. Nico and his cousin, Alex and Cynthia, from dinner the other night, JB and a family from the surf school who heard me play there, and another lady I had met at the surf school. The place was packed, and the atmosphere was pretty chill for a venue that never had me play before.

The whole time I was worried I was going to run out of songs to play, but time after time I came up with another song. I didn’t even get to some of the new ones that I had been practicing.

My voice was not up to my normal standards, but was making its way song after song. The night before I had gotten kind of sick and didn’t drink enough water and didnt stay out of the sun today like I should have. I struggled through some songs, but was ale to keep the pitches spot on for most. It was a rough night for singing. My little amp wasn’t able to project far enough so half the people that came to hear me play weren’t able to, but there was not much I could do at that point in the game. It was really hard to watch a customer go up to the owner and see him signing that he can’t hear the music and your in the middle of a song.

I had a lot of younger fans. There was even one of them that wanted to help me with my sound. While I was playing my last song of the night, one of the little kids that had been running up to me and back to their parents decided to mess with my amp. I had to stop in the middle of the song because he was going to change all my settings. This was a new form of crowd control that I was not used too. I had some help getting him away from the controls, but only after a couple minutes of repeatedly telling him “no” over and over. Then I got back up on the mic to make the general “come get your child” announcement.

” Anybody? I have your child! I know two things about him. He loves the colors green, orange, and yellow and he likes to turn knobs.”

I also wanted to say, “He doesn’t understand the word no.” But I refrained.

At the end of the night both Alex, the owner, and Bex, the music coordinator were pleased with my performance. They wanted to know how long I was going to be in town, and If I was
going to be around longer, they wanted me to come and play again. This made my night. 🙂

Met Thomas and Julia, who were both from Germany. Thomas works for Google in Zurich and Julia teaches English, but lives in Germany. Julia was turning 29 @ midnight and I stayed with them all night until we could toast to her 7th Anniversary of her 22nd birthday. Very cool to hear their story and how Thomas loves the oceans and the beach. They offered to buy me a drink and have a sit down with them in between my sets. Very supportive of my performance and a joy to be around. Wish them both the best.

After I left the Cream Cafe I had to do the dirty work. I had to break down my equipment and walk 5km, which is about 3 miles to where I was sleeping that night. I didn’t have a bag to put it all in so I just picked up my amp, guitar, mic stand and chords, tryed to balance everything right so I didn’t tire to quickly and started to walk. I passed by drunk bicycles, night fisherman, climbed a fence and wandered around the apartment complex, but finally found where I needed to go and slept pretty well that night, to say the least.

Overall I personally felt I could have had a better night vocally, but people really enjoyed it. Some of the people actually came twice over the course of the night, at the beginning for beers and later for dinner. People were singing along with some of the songs and even when they were leaving, they waited to hear me finish a song before they left. I even got some tips, people bought my CD, and wanted more info about my music. Great feeling to know people enjoyed it even when you weren’t at your best.

Thanks Cream Cafe for a great venue and friendly atmosphere! Looking forward to coming back soon and jamming some more tunes on the patio! Au Revior!






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