Thoughts From A Wandering Heart Pt. 4: The People You Meet Along The Way FRANCE

Wanted to add to the list of people that I met along the way! Some really cool people that I just met from day to day.


Lives in Eastern France near Switzerland.


I met Alissia at the SWATCH GIRLS PRO on the second day I went. We were both taking pictures and just started chatting on the beach, while we were watching the competition. Alissia has been surfing for two years and has a dream of one day surfing in contests.

“Next time you come here you will see me out there in the water.”

She also wants to go to Australia to visit and to surf at some of the famous breaks there. I told her that one of the contestants was from Australia and that she should get a picture with her. So we both ran down the beach after the heat was over and I helped her get a picture with Laura Enever, one of the top surfers in the world.


It was neat to be able to meet someone with drive and goals that they are aiming for. Press on Alissia! I hope to see you out there surfing at one of the next Swatch Girl Pro contests!


From right outside of Paris.

5 years ago was her first time in Hossegor and she went to same womens surf contest that I did. She had the shirt to prove it too. She told me that Paris would be a nice place to visit, even after I told her all the concerns and things that I heard about being an American in Paris. Her English was quite good and the cool thing about her and the other people on this list is that they wanted to speak english with me. She had two towels with her and one of them had an American flag on it, so of course I had to get that picture of the someone from France with an american flag object. It was pretty cool talking with her.

Also Found out that she thinks that traveling is a good thing that broadens the mind and gives you more of an open perspective of the world around you. She is only 17, but I think with the above statement already learned she has a bright future in front of her.




I met Maxwel at the hostel I stayed at in Paris. He was very talkative and wanted to know about what I was doing in Europe. When I found out he was from Reunion island I was pretty excited.

A few years ago when I was in France I had met three pro surfers from Reunion Island. They were all junior surfers back then but are now traveling the world chasing their dream of being in the top 44 male surfers in the world.

Shout out to Medi Verminardi, Adrien Toyon, and Damien Chaudoy. Check out these guys on Facebook and look up some of the clips on youtube. Sick surfers and pretty chill guys from Reunion.

Maxwel and I started talking about music and he showed me some of the bands and genres of music that Reunion is known for. He had me watch a couple videos from guys like Danyel Waro, Davy Sycard, and even some different people performing a style of music called Sega, which is more of a Tribal type of music. It was all great. Wonderful for dancing and I could tell that Maxwel was very proud of his country and their musical traditions. Keep sharing with the world Maxwel! Sounds like your homeland has a lot to offer the world!

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