“We put on shows and sing songs proclaiming Christ as King, but the ones that need to hear these words are far away and dying. We say He heals hearts and hears the cries of the broken, yet his hands and feet sit idle not one word of the worlds tears spoken.”

I am guilty. I am one of the many that turn my ears to the radio and listen to the suffering in the world, but will not fly into the midst of the conflict. That think its crazy to go and help those broken, lost and dying, because my life might be in jeopardy. My life might be at risk.

Should I care? I have a laptop, a cell phone, and a college education. I can succeed and achieve my dreams. Should I care about those who will never have their dreams fulfilled? Those who are just thankful to wake up in the morning and take a breathe?

What if my dream was to help those who believe that dreams are for everyone else? What if what I do, in some small way, will inspire those in turmoil to a new life, a new mind? Isnt this the way of Jesus? If it is, then what am I doing here?

Praying for those caught in Syria. For those 5,000 every day that are displaced. For those whose blood is on those streets. For those responsible for this broken situation.