Days 14-17: Highlights from Hossegor/Seignosse

So after coming home and feeling overwhelmed with life, I took a couple days off from the blog. But I realized i can’t just leave you guys hanging without sharing with you what happened in France and Iceland! So here are some highlights from my time in southern France.

First off I have to say thank you to two guys who made this experience possible for me. Their names are Nicolas and Gauthier. I met these guys 5 years ago to the month and have stayed in contact with them over the years. They really took care of me, giving me a place to stay each night i was there. I can’t wait for these guys to come to the states so I can show them around my home. Just wanted to give them a public THANKS for everything they did.


I played music almost everyday out in front of the surf school to whoever walked by. It was a experience and I was able to see many different types of people walk by and enjoy what I was playing. Every person that walked by would at least turn their heads to see where this strange english language music was coming from. That was my first real taste of street performance and Im looking forward to coming back to Europe to do that kind of performing on broader scale. Thanks to JB for allowing me to play his guitar and share with him a song or two.



I had several great dinners with Nicolas and His family over the course of the days I was there. We had a wonderful BBQ, where I was able to meet several friends of Nico and his wife Violaine. I had a wonderful time telling them about my music playing all over Austria and Germany, how I had met Nico several years ago, and also what I loved about the area. I was able to play them some music and they seemed to enjoy it. I had two little fans that night that wanted me to keep singing and singing. I knew thats what they wanted because they kept yelling, “Encore! Encore!”. It was a wonderful night. And several of the guests that came to the BBQ also came to my show at Cream Cafe at the end of the week. It was a fantastic experience and a blessing to invited into another persons home from another culture and treated like family.




I have already posted about the many people that i’ve met and I will be posting about the Swatch Girls Pro that I was able to watch at Le Penon beach. That post will be coming soon.

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