Priceless Moments: Jamming at Pepperdine University


Jamming at Pepperdine University

After a three day vacation back in Maine I am back out on the road headed for Guam, by way of Los Angeles. I took four days in LA just to relax and visit some friends.

One of the people that I met up with on my LA stop over was someone that I had met this summer on my way back from the KAUAI MUSIC FESTIVAL, in Hawaii. Her name is Akela. We met up, through what I know to be a “God Thing”, and played music with a couple other people for a number of hours. We were messing around with some songs and started to play “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers. We liked the sound so much that we decided, in a spur of the moment decision, to record it and post in youtube. You can find the link below with the final result.

Well out of that meeting we decided to meet up a couple of months later when I was making my way back to Guam, by way of Cali.  She would be at school in the LA area.

Another side story that may be of some interest is the story of our guitars. Earlier this summer I was shopping around for a new guitar and was looking for something that has good sound and was great for traveling. I had been doing research online and stumbled upon the VOYAGE-AIR Guitar, a guitar that folds in half and fits into most over head compartments on airplanes. Well at first I couldn’t find any models in local music stores, but then I found one. I bought mine and took it with me to the Kauai Music Fesitval and was playing it when I met Akela. Well she loved the idea of having a guitar that folds in half and is easy to travel with, so she asked me a bunch of questions while I was in hawaii and when I returned back home to Maine. During the months leading up to this get together, Akela bought a new guitar. As you may have guessed it was indeed a VOYAGE-AIR GUITAR. So this added another dimension to our get together. We had to climb a mountain, or go down to the beach, or do something that tested the portability of our new travel guitars, because we were officially Voyage-Air Buddies! 🙂

So all of this added up to one night in Malibu, California. After many months of great anticipation and looking forward to the epic Jam sesh that would come about when we met up again, the time came!

We spent the better part of a California evening talking about life, climbing mountains, and playing music for all of Malibu! Of course we grabbed our VOYAGE-AIR GUITARS, threw them on our backs, and headed out on our journey to the mountains. I couldn’t have asked for a better view. We exchanged live performances of original pieces we had been working on over the summer and just enjoyed the moment. Before we stumbled back down the mountain, we recorded a silhouette video. Below is a link to the video she and I recorded while the sun set over the California horizon. The song is by Matt Redman and it’s called “10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)”.

It was a wonderful time with a special friend. I hope there are many more moments like this to come!



Check out Akela’s Youtube page below as well as a link to the guitars that made this all possible!


Voyage Air Guitars

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