IM SO BEHIND! Update from Kauai

I am so behind with the Le Professeur Happenings… if you’ve been following me on Facebook you will know that I skipped over my month long trip to Guam working at the Guam International Film Festival. I am still working on getting all the things together for that post. Here is the most recent happenings from Kauai.

A. I have a couple of weekly gigs now! The support here on Kauai has been amazing.

B. i’ve been backing up Madison from Madison Paradise Found at a couple of her shows. You can check her out online at and Madison Paradise Found on Youtube as well. She stole my look though… What is a wannabe Hipster to do with his look?

C. Im currently working for the Hawaii International Film Festival on Kauai, which takes place this week! Celebrating over 100 years of film in Hawaii! Check it out at HIFF.ORG.

D. IM running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but God is providing! Yehaw!

E. Had fun at the coconut festival my first weekend on Kauai! I appreciated the unique way the coconuts were used to share the gospel.

F. I’ve been able to visit with my family here on Kauai! If you want to check out some amazing photos taken in the islands then check out my cousins Instagram feed @mannagraziano. She takes some amazing photos and isn’t afraid to get creative! See the shark face below for confirmation on that last statement.

MORE TO COME. Stick with me! Blessings to you all.

Joey Charles
“Le Professeur”






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