A Letter To Every Wandering Heart

So a post has been going around the internet recently that has to do with travel.  A friend of mine from Europe posted it and I borrowed it from her, like she had borrowed it from her friend.  Basically it deals with the traveling heart and it looks something like this.


This is what my caption was when I posted this on facebook and instagram.

Story of My Life. Some people consider it a blessing to travel the world, but with this blessing comes a few side effects. Like never feeling completely at home anywhere again. When that day comes, when I feel at home, I believe that will be my sign from above to stop and make camp. Or maybe “home” will travel with me… But it’s all a temporary home anyway…#talesofawanderingheart #withgreatopportunitycomesgreatresponsibility

People started to respond showing their support and agreeing with the post and the words that I had added on.  Some other people even wanted to share the photo again.  This was one such message I received.

“I hope you don’t mind but I stole the pic about never feeling at home and sent to my sis. She just got back from Hawaii and is depressed and gets depressed and wants to move every time she gets back from vacation. So she’s gonna steal that pic now. Lol. Any more words of advise to another wondering heart? Here’s what she said, “I love hawaii and I feel like I leave my heart here everytime”

I must admit, when I got this message there was a part of me screaming, “Vacationing is a totally different feel from the type of traveling I’VE been doing.”  But I remember the first time I took a vacation.  I remember the first time I came to a place that I didn’t know and thought to myself, “I don’t wanna leave here.”  I remember living outside of my hometown for the first time when I went to college.  The feelings of nausea and longing to go back home to visit family and friends, because you felt that “Home” was in a different place then you were at that moment in time.  I remember the feeling of coming back missing pieces of myself.

I swore I lost my heart in Hawaii, Alaska, Disney World, Southern France, Cinque Terra in Italy, Guam, Yap, and many other places.  I know I left pieces of my heart behind with so many friends I’ve met along the way.  There are pieces of me world wide.

And at times I feel like a shattered mirror.  The kind of mirror that someone has punched, but the pieces are still stationary.  They haven’t fallen yet.  Still whole, but never to be used the same way again.

But as I was receiving comments and messages about this post I got a little refreshing post from one Elizabeth Charles.  If you don’t know, she is my mother.  Its amazing how sometimes a little bit “home” can truly bring a bit of clarity to a situation.  Below is a copy of her post.

Blog Pic 2

Even in traveling the world I’ve tried to focus on one thing, making the other person smile.  A door that you can open for someone, open it.  A song you can sing for someone, sing it.  A tip you can leave even when you bank account isn’t overflowing, just do it.

This should be the travelers mantra, the one thing that guides your every step in your travels.  “What can I do to leave this person in a better position then they were before? and “In what way can I do it that would leave a smile on their face and warmth in their hearts?”

I don’t care if you’re on a vacation for a few days or you are a professional traveler, the goal is to touch lives and to be touched.  You will leave a piece of you behind everywhere you go, but you will also take things from that moment that will take the place of what you lost.

Life is, and always will be, about “give and take.”  The focus of our lives should be about giving and traveling is no exception.  To my friends out there that are no stranger to the feelings in the above post I want to leave you with a short welcome to a unique club and a bit of an Exhortation.

Dear Fellow Wandering Hearts,

Welcome to the world of wanderlust. Everywhere you go, everyone you meet, you leave/lose a piece of yourself in that moment. Take it from one who hasn’t stopped moving for the last 8 yrs. when times are bad you long for the moments you had elsewhere, and when they are good, you do the same. Just remember, every memory was put in your life for a reason. Most of the people you meet and the experiences you have are just a one time thing to remember and take something from. Find that one nugget from each memory and never let go. Go back to it often. A journey that is taken with nothing learned is truly time wasted in the purest sense of the phrase. Even through all the longings to return and the pain that comes with it…Never Forget.

From a shattered mirror that will never be used the same way again,

Le Professeur

1 thought on “A Letter To Every Wandering Heart

  1. Hey Joey, instead of a shattered mirror, I like to think of puzzle pieces that just got added to my picture or a tapestry that just got a black/grey thread shot through for pain or sadness when I left, but a bright new string of spun gold/ orange/ green/purple/yellow or whatever struck in when I learned or met someone new. I am so glad God has control of the entire picture and all the threads and pieces. Hang in there and cherish His working in your life.

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