GUAM AND GIFF: September, 2013

Wow.  The month of September seems like it was yesterday, but at the same time it seems like a thing of the distant past.  My Guam family welcomed me back with open arms and I have to say it was more than a memorable experience. Couple of Highlights:

A.  Sang at Bayview Church for two weeks. “Farther Along” By Josh Garrels, and “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”.  It was a great time sharing with my Bayview Family.

B.  Prepared for the Guam International Film Festival for the three weeks leading up to the event.  Had fun running around with Don Muna making sure everything was in order.

C.  Went back to the old Open Mic stomping grounds at Java Hut and got to see everyone again.  It was so wonderful to see everyone still chasing dreams and sharing their talent.  It put a smile on my face.  I was able to share with them about the open mic at the festival and get them pumped up for that.

IMG_0399 IMG_8536 IMG_8569

D.  Went on several radio shows to promote the Film Festival and the open mic stage at the festival.  Was also featured in a couple different news programs helping to promote the Open Mic Stage that I would be hosting. IMG_0448IMG_8586 E.  Helped run the greatest event I’ve ever been apart of, the GUAM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.  Had fun working as the “Head Usher” and an assistant to the Event Coordinator for the week long festival.  I worked with some of the most amazing people to pull this event off and make it enjoyable for the people involved. IMG_8516 F.  I Hosted the United Airlines “Guam International Film Festival Open Mic Stage” from Tuesday-Saturday the week of the festival and was blessed by every moment of it.  I was able to recruit talent from the island open mics that take place weekly, but was also so shocked at the talent that just came up on stage while walking past the stage.  I would say it was a successful event, but that might be an understatement. IMG_0426


G.  After I was involved in GIFF I tried to record a couple of music videos with my musician friends that I had met on Guam over the last two years.  I was blessed to be able to meet so many amazing talents on the island of Guam and I recorded about four videos and all but one have been posted on my youtube channel.  Those links will be posted in a future blog.

IMG_0719 IMG_0608 IMG_0579

H.  I was able to attend the reopening of the first open mic night that I ever attended on Guam.  The one that got the movement started.  The one that gave me an opportunity to find my own voice and, in turn, allow me to encourage others to find their own.  We played music from 5-10:30 that night.  We had so many people who came to take part.  The open mic community on Guam has become a family.  A place where full bands come, but each member plays their own solo material.  A place to test new songs and share their talents, and become a discovered talent.  This is everything Joey Taitano, Rory Perez, and I dreamed it could become.  Keep up the good work boys!  Go Java Junction! IMG_9083IMG_9096 On the friday evening before I left I was able to host the Open Mic I started last December at Java Hut Coffee Shop.  It was great to see the place packed again and all the different talents coming out to support each other.  Every time I go to one of these things its like a family reunion!  Amazing. IMG_0759 IMG_0936IMG_0837 I.  My last act on the island of Guam was to go to the POD concert at the old Yigo Amusement Park.  I was blessed with 8 tickets and after the Open Mic I grabbed a bunch of people and went to the biggest Rock Concert event of the year for Guam.  The guys from POD have family ties to the island of Guam, but this was the first time that they’d ever been here.  I had a blast with the crew that went with me and enjoyed singing along to the soundtrack of my childhood and hearing the new songs from this great band.  They are about to go on tour and I can tell your from first hand experience they still know how to rock. IMG_9161 J.  Leaving.  It sucks every time.   Its easier when you know your going to come back, but I don’t know that about Guam.  Maybe there will be a time in the future where both time and money will allow me to come back and see everyone.  I hope that day will come sooner than later.  I love Guam and I love the people.  Every paradise has its downsides, but there will always be a special place in my heart for this small island in the Pacific Ocean. I had a bunch of people see me off at the airport.  It wasn’t just a bunch of people though, it was my family.  Im going to miss my Island family very much.

“Here’s to the nights we felt alive Here’s to the tears you knew you’d cry Here’s to goodbye Tomorrow’s gonna come too soon”

Eve 6 “Here’s To The Night”

Thanks Guam for the memories.  May the Hafa Adai Spirit continue to pour out of you, and may your voices be heard clearly through the noise that tries to drown you out.  You have a place in this world, both the island and the individual, and life is the journey of finding where that is.  May THE LIGHT guide your steps and change your heart.



OH and I almost forgot… I was apart of a short film that a couple of guys from the film festival got together and did for the Web Series “Tasty English”.  It was a great time, with great food, great friends, and great creativty.  I even got to sing a little.


So this is just the over view.  I will be sharing more specifics and photos when I have more power in computer battery.

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  1. Well said!! You are amazing and have touched many people. So glad you are blogging so we can follow along with you. So glad that I got to see you again and that you had an AWESOME visit. Lori Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 00:18:39 +0000 To:

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