Recording “Guam Talent” Segment

For those of you who don’t know my story before the trip to Europe this summer I shall shed a little light on my past and why Guam has a special place in my heart.

I spent two years on Guam teaching ESL at a University called Pacific Islands University.  One day I stumbled into a coffee shop that was a boasting an open mic event on a sign out front.  I decided after great internal debate to go out to my car and grab my guitar and participate in the open mic.  Little did I know that this one choice would have me playing there every week I was on island for the entire time I was living on Guam.  This event spawned several other open mic events at different coffee shops all over the island, that I was able to start or help create.

Over those two years I was able to get to know some amazing musicians through open mic events and networking.  I talked to several of them about recording Youtube collaboration videos for my channel and decided to create a “Guam Talent” segment on my youtube channel.

Below are the links to the videos and a bit on each individual artist.


I met Irene while she was working at the Playport Cafe during the Guam International Film Festival.  She was one of the many baristas that took care of the GIFF crew during the festival.  I found out she could sing and recruited her for the open mic stage.  After a little bit of pressure from some of her friends she decided to jump on stage and perform.  She and I did a rendition of “Waiting In Vain” by Bob Marley on the stage and it was so much fun that we decided to record a video for youtube.  We got together after the festival and recorded an oceanside version.  Hope you enjoy it.


I was blessed with the opportunity to record this video with Brandi Jae after we met at the Guam International Film Festival Open Mic Stage.  She had recently returned from New York where she was recording music and performing full time.  She just so happened to walk by the stage, see what was going on, and wanted to get involved.  We connected and decided to get together and record a video after the festival.  We had a fun time hanging out and trying to pick a good song to sing together.  We ended up recording “Hazy” by Rosi Golan and William Fitzsimmons.  The video above is the final product.  Enjoy!


Kay Del Rosario and I met at a performance that we were both performing at last year.  She rocked the stage with her powerful voice performing songs by No Doubt and other well known artists.  From that time on we tried to get together to record a video, but we never seemed to have the time, or the right song, to make it work like we wanted it too.  Then we got together at the open mic stage and I backed her up on a couple of songs.  We finally found a song that we thought would work well for the both of us, “Rhythm of Love” by the Plain White T’s, and we decided to record it. So after the festival we got together at the University Of Guam and recorded the song in a practice room.  Above is the link to the finished product.  Hope you feel the Rhythm of Love by the end 🙂


This was the first video I recorded of the series, but the last one that I released.  This video is with Nicole Leon Guerrero, a very talented singer/songwriter from the island of Guam.  I met her through a friend of mine who invited me to one of her gigs at the Sheraton hotel.  Being the person that she is, she allowed my friend and I to get up and sing some tunes during her set.  I came back for several of her gigs over the course of the next months and we started to jam songs together during her shows.  The one that we recorded was “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men.  This was our favorite song to sing together and the one that always brought the most applause from the different audiences.  Please enjoy our rendition of “Little Talks”

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