Being Friends With Failure

Being Friends With Failure

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Once I went to perform at a Valentines Day songwriters contest.  It was fun getting to see how everyone performed and shared their music.  When I got up to perform I thought I did pretty well.  Felt like I had a good song and a pretty good performance.  At the end of the contest the awards were given and I didn’t make the top 5.  I was kind of hurt, but was ok with it.  I went to get the scores from the judges to see where I could improve and what I saw really floored me.

One of the judges rated me really low across the board and ended up giving me an 11/20 for overall talent.  That hurt me even more then not making the top 5.  My whole life people had been sharing with me that I did have talent, and now I received this bit of news from the producer on the panel.  It got to me.  For days I was talking with others looking for reassurance that this guy didn’t know what he was talking about.  Reassurance that I did have talent and I was a good performer.  I could have easily said I was a failure, because of one guys opinion, and quit my music career right there and stopped writing music.

Instead I used this failure to my advantage.  I used it as fuel.  I realized that day that not everyone will believe in you.  Not everyone will give you a pat on the back and tell you that you bring the light into their day.  You have to decide what to listen to and what you are going to do with those voices and opinions.  I decided to aim to prove this opinion wrong.

This summer I created my own European Tour and played in 4 different countries.  I went to Guam and hosted an Open Mic event at a Film Festival to help encourage others to keep working at bettering their skills in music and poetry.  I went to hawaii and for a month and a half played three shows a week solo and with other talented musicians.  I started another Open Mic at a new coffee shop and played with one of the most talented ukulele players in the world.

One man should not be able to stop ambition.  An Opinion only has the power to crush a dream if you let it.  Sometimes you are going to mess around with the guy named failure, but it should never keep you from your dreams.  It should only fuel the fire that burns inside that makes you want to accomplish what you see in your sleep.

Failure shows us where we must improve.  Only the best stare their failures in the eyes and tell them that they will not hold them back, and then back up their words.

Maybe being friends with failure isn’t so bad after all.

“Dat Dat Dat don’t kill me, Can only make me stronger”

– Kanye West/Daft Punk

(One and only time I will ever quote Kanye)

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