“Why I Am Auditioning For The Voice.” The Voice Auditions- January 2014, Philadelphia


“For the last several years I’ve been making excuses to not go and audition for one of these voice competitions. For the last two years I’ve been helping others find their voices through starting Open Mics. Those who’ve heard me play have inspired me to get rid of all the excuses and chase the dream. I’ve decided to practice what I preach. Chase the dreams, leave it all on the table, no regrets. Step 1. Try out for The Voice. This is for all those who have believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.


Why Do The Voice?

For The Voices that inspired me.

For the teachers, the workers, the students who want to learn so that they can change their current and future circumstances.  For those that don’t take from others unless its necessary.  The ones who admit they are wrong and work to fix their mistakes.

You inspire me to share my voice, and your story.

To share the gift God has given me, to give voices to those that have been silenced.

I don’t want this experience to be about one person, because it never has been.  It’s about every person that i’ve met that has said “Good job”, or “You need work”, or “Don’t stop chasing your dreams.”  Its about the people I’ve met in the coffee shops of Guam and Hawaii, to those I met on trains in Europe.  From the business owners in first class looking to make change for the betterment of everyone, to the homeless man looking to make a change in himself.

To the Drummer, Biker, Educator and Husband, that sat with me at a coffee shop in Guam and told me that I have a gift and should look to share it, before he died doing what he loved on the Cali roads.

To the radiant wife and mother of two, that smiled all the way to the end of her cancer sharing love and encouraging me by telling me she could see how much I love to sing and that I should chase my dream to share the gifts I have with the world.

Im doing The Voice because they believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself.

For the last two years I’ve been encouraging others to share their gifts and talents in the open, because you never know how one song, or one poem, or one word can change a persons life.  I’ve been creating those environments for others and now its my time to share with a different group of individuals.  It may only be the casting group at the auditions, or the Producers, or maybe i’ll get to share what I have with a larger audience.  But to me its just another opportunity to share what I have been given with those around me.  To share the stories of those I’ve encountered.  To say thank you to those who believe in me.

To me The Voice is not the end all or defining moment of my dream.  My dream is not to be on TV, but to share what I have with people who need it. The Voice is an opportunity.  An opportunity that I wouldn’t have taken unless people spoke to me and encouraged me, or told me I needed to better myself.  I will continue to make music and share stories with the world even if this audition doesn’t work out.  Might even try to audition again if I see places I could improve. So thank you to all of you who used your words wisely and used them to empower others.  I am a beneficiary of them.

And This Ones For YOU!

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