TALES OF A WANDERING HEART: Every Opportunity Could Be A Dream Waiting To Come True.


Photo: Hanalei Sunset


LOCATION: Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii

It was a Sunday afternoon at Hanalei Bay.  I was visiting the pier like I usually did on Sunday Afternoons after church.  But on this Sunday I went down to the beach to practice some of my music for the TALES OF A WANDERING HEART tour this summer and ended up sitting right by the pier.  I sat there for a little while and started to go through my music and was really getting into it.  To the right there were some young ladies sitting under the pier enjoying the sun and my music.  To the left were families up and down the beach, kids digging in the sand and dancing up a storm.  I would have say that they seemed to enjoy what they were hearing as well.  It was a beautiful moment

Then, walking up the beach from my left,  a group of older ladies made their way up to the pier.  They started looking around for someone to take a picture of them and couldn’t really find anyone.  They were about to ask the sunbathing young ladies, but I jumped up and ran to offer my “professional”  services. 

“Oh thank you!,” they said as I took their camera and lined up the best shots I could with the mountains and the pier.  I made sure I took extra time to make their photos the best memories possible. 

As I handed the camera back over to the owner she shared with me that back home she had a photograph at the bottom of her stairs in the exact same spot that I had just taken their photo.  It was their dream to come to this exact place in the world and stand in the sands that they saw everyday walking down the stairs of their mainland home.  They also mentioned that the photos I took were the perfect way to capture the moment.  One lady slipped a bill in my hand.

“Ma’am, You really didn’t have to do that.  I would have taken the photo regardless.” 

“But you took the time and made the effort to help us make a dream come true.  So thank you.”

“You’re welcome and Thank you!  It will help me on my tour this summer.”  I shared with them a little bit about my music and where I was going and they seemed excited.

I don’t know if I will ever see these ladies ever again, but it was nice to be apart of their dreams and for them to help me towards mine.  I was able to help these ladies fulfill a dream that they’ve had for many years.  What a blessing.  It is in these moments when you aren’t expecting anything to happen that life changing events seem to find you.

Take every opportunity to help another person, because every opportunity could be a dream waiting to come true.


Photo: Under Hanalei Pier

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