A meeting with the Devil.

Sunday morning I spent a couple moments with the devil.

Not by choice, mind you, he threw himself in front of me.  His vicious venom of pride and hate being spewed at me in the form of a middle age woman.  A woman who felt the need to let every person around her at that moment, know that they were the disease of the earth.

“The sooner that “your kind” are gone then the world would be a better place.”  That I and my coworkers were born with tails and we came from monkeys, but not her.

I tried to tell her in a calm voice, “Ma’am I don’t believe we came from Monkey’s anyway.”  But she just fired back, “Oh no.  You did. You came from your kind f***ing neanderthals.”

She kept going. Spewing hateful word after hateful word.

“$18.59 for your items ma’am.” I tried to say over her loud voice.

“Oh NO! I’m not done yet!” She screamed over me.

“Ma’am what are you doing? What are you trying to prove?”

“NO STOP! Im not done yet! You will all die of skin cancer, because you don’t have enough melatonin in your skin. And I can rest easy knowing that my kids will see the day when “your kind” will be eradicated from this planet and when that happens the world will be a better place.”

My Co Worker takes her outside and she continues. He hears her say something that insinuated white genocide and asks her a question to clarify.

“So You’re saying that you think everyone in that store should die?”

“It wouldn’t be a bad place to start,” She said as she continued to shout at him reiterating that point that “our kind” are the disease of the planet.

She finally gets in her car and leaves. We all gather in the store and tried to wrap our minds around what had just happened.

She said that she wanted us all dead.

The owners of a local general store that serves a community.
A standout Highschool athlete.
A couple about to get married and carry on the family business.
A traveling musician working to make the world a brighter place.

Never at any point did I want her to die. Maybe I wanted her to leave, but never to die. Most of all I just wanted to understand, but was never given a chance.

A couple of days before this event took place I had written a piece that I want to share and to accompany this experience.

The Equation 
By: Joey Charles
I sat down on my bed
Writing out the equations in my head
And every time I wrote them down
I became more frustrated with the answers I found

Every answer I got was equal to less
How can we be satisfied with this mess?

One less heart
One less life

One less hope
One less light

One less smile
One less child

One less time
One less mind

One less fight 
to make things right

We need this to stop
Before we lose sight
That all lives matter
All colors bring light

We need to live in light of this
To make our futures bright.


Through out this whole piece I’ve withheld the race of the people involved, because I didn’t want this piece to be mistaken for something it is not.

From the day I was born to the moment my fingers swept across these keys, I’ve never understood how the death of anyone, especially death based on race, has helped this planet. It just gives us one less mind to help fix the human race.

Every life lost is a tragedy. Red, Yellow, Black, and White they are all precious in God’s sight. He loves all His Children all around the world. Every life lost is a tear in His eye.

Sunday morning I met with the devil, and he tried to put hate in my heart.  Hate that would lead to a stereotype, that, in turn, would lead to division, that would ultimately leave me with an empty heart. Then the world would be without one more person to help make the world a better place.  It would have been easy to give in, because I had every right to feel that way.

But Sometimes The Things That Are Our RIGHTS, Aren’t Right.*

I told the Devil to BURN.

:Please take a moment to read my previous blog post about JAMYLA BOLDEN.  May her story cause us to move towards action:

Jamyla Bolden (In Memoriam)


*Adapted from a Quote from Bishop Alexis, a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide.

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