The whole world

Not just countries that believe in God

Not just America

Not Just to those who go to church

Not just those who claim to believe in Jesus. But the whole world.

Joy to the whole world

To the believer

To the unbeliever

To the religious

To the non religious

To the Christian

To the Muslim

To the Buddhist

To the Hindu

Joy To the Refugee

Joy to homeless

Joy to those with and without a tree

Joy to those with and without a roof over their heads

Joy to those with or without family to celebrate with

Joy To those who understand the Joy

Joy To those who haven’t understood the joy yet

There is so much more than just trees, songs, cookies and decorations that make this time of the year so joyful.  A savior was born. One that would rule over all the world in Love and Grace.  One that would call people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to come together and praise the Creator God together in peace and harmony.  What a joy that would be.  What a Joy that IS!

We separate ourselves by countries, denominations, color, and cultures.  Yet the one we claim our country was founded on was more about crossing those divides, building bridges to bring others together, and treating all people equally.  Loving His father with all His heart, soul and mind as well as those around Him as he would like to be treated. What happened to living after his example?

We are a people that live in fear. We are living like the disobedient children of God in the Old Testament.  God has brought us through so much and yet we are constantly asking God where He is in everything that is taking place.  We are scared of earthy problems, ISIS, economics, moral issues, so many things we worry about. But does God tell us to worry?  Does God tell us to judge?

Let me rephrase it this way.

Did God tell Jesus to worry about all the issues happening around Him?  Did God tell Jesus to judge those who didn’t claim to know Him?  Jesus had His mind set on the things of the Father.  When he spoke to correct it was out of Love.  God the father told Jesus to be about His business, not to get bogged down in politics, or be in fear of what man can do.  The perfect example of that is the cross.  “Not mine, but your will be done.”

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