I Cried. (We’re All In This Together)

Life is a journey.  You’ve heard it said many times.  This poem is a glimpse into my journey through the tales of my tears.

I Cried.

When I was young…

I cried when I was in pain
I cried when things didn’t go my way
I cried when I got carrots instead of Peas
I cried when my parents forced me to say please
I cried for me.

Then I got older…

I still cried when I was in pain
But also when my family felt the same
When my sister flipped and broke her neck
I cried and cried I’ll never forget
When my dad had a softball claim his 2 front teeth
I bawled as I watched him spit blood on the street
When my mom broke bones and was stuck in bed
Niagra falls poured down to the ground from my head

I cried for my Family.

And then I got older…

I cried when my uncle died of cancer
I cried when I ask God why and never heard an answer
I cried in my pillow when my great aunt died
When I couldn’t go to her funeral and celebrate her life.
I cried when I lost each girlfriend, to know I could no longer be there for them

I always look back to try and figure what I could do different if I could do it again.
I cried for my parents when our dogs died
Their whole world turned upside down over night.
I cried when someone I had known since birth
Gave into the lies others fed her about her worth

I cried when I lost something that could never be replaced.

And then I got older…

I cried for the world
I cried for all the hate I saw
I cried for the innocent
I cried for not knowing my roll to save them all
I cried for the ones who act on their hate
And the ones who have no control over their fate

I Cried For Injustice.

And then I got older…

 I started to cry when people would come together
When people would overcome to make it through the stormy weather
I cry when respect is shown
I cry when love’s true banner is flown
I cry when beauty is seen in nature
When people, despite their circumstances, make their lives better.
I cry when people are seen as the people they are becoming
Not as the people they were
I cry when peoples hard work pays off
I cry when good happens in the world.

Tears of sadness, tears of Joy.
They look the same.
The older I grew
The less selfish I became
Two eyes looking out
instead of rolling back in my head
Realizing that life was never meant to be private
But to be lived out together instead.

May each day we live
Cause our hearts to grow
To feel compassion for others
Looking to help each hurting soul.

We’re all in this together.

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