Music With Meaning – Dream Land School. New Delhi, India Pt. 1

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Early in the month of November, I went with a group of people to India to work with an organization called Truth Seekers International.  We went to work the local people on Caste Reconciliation projects around the New Delhi Area of India, specifically with the lower castes and Dalits (Untouchables).

One of the projects that we were apart of was to go to a refugee school, that Truth Seekers is helping run on the outskirts of New Delhi, and work with the children and the teachers for a day.  I was able to lead the kids in music and sing some songs for them, as well as wash their feet.  It was a beautiful scene in such humble settings.


Below is an excerpt from the Truth Seekers website about the school and what it is looking at accomplishing.

“In New Delhi some nomadic Muslims have pitched bamboo and tarp tents on an empty plot of dust.  There is no running water, electricity, bathrooms, grass, nor any trees. In June, daytime temperatures will reach 100F (40C), and later the monsoons flood the land. 

Truthseekers International meet with the leaders of this outcast community and learned that no one was literate nor was in school.  We pitched our own tent to start their first ever school.  With additional support, we’ve been able to rent a building that can withstand the monsoon rains.  The benefit of literacy is beginning manifest itself and many children make their way to Dream Land School every day.

Dream Land School is just one of many schools that Truthseekers has supported and helped get started.  With your support, we have the ability to start many more.”

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I had the privilege of talking to several diplomats during my trip and each one of them told me the same thing.

“The biggest thing that someone from outside the country of India can do for the Other Backward Castes of India is to support them through EDUCATION.”

After seeing this school and hearing about its lack of financial support I decided to do what I could to help keep this school going.  I decided that the money that is made from my shows, from tips and merchandise, will be donated to this school and the organization that helps run it.  

So if you see me playing music and you throw something in the tip jar just know where your money is going this holiday season.  It is going towards the future of young children and helping alter the once inevitable course of poverty and injustice in the caste system of India.

Would you be interested in supporting this school?  Please email me at for more information and a link to where you can donate directly.

Over the next couple of months, I will be posting more about the school and the story behind its creation.

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