If you are interested in having Joey perform at an event please e-mail CONTACTLEPROFESSEUR@GMAIL.COM 


“When I play, I play in hopes that people will hear and enjoy. That maybe one song has the power to bring people together. That broken hearts can be mended, that warriors can lay down their arms and eat together in peace, That greed and selfishness will disappear and we would learn to live for each other instead of ourselves. I know music has the power to build or tear down. I want my music to build a more peaceful union.”

-Joey Charles

My travels have taken me all around the world.  From the island of Guam and the islands of Hawaii, to Vienna, Austria and Reykjavik, Iceland. I love to pick up new songs and stories from my travels and share them with whoever wants to listen.  Stories from many different genres, such as folk, jazz, reggae and country. From artists such as John Denver, Simon and Garfunkel, Frank Sinatra and Bob Marley, to songs that I’ve written along the way.

I love to perform.  I’ve performed in bands, as a duo, and most often as a solo act. I have played in Churches, Restaurants, Bars, Farmers Markets, and Coffee Shops and also performed at private parties, weddings, birthday parties and festivals.

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