Thanks for coming to visit my website.  My name is Joey Charles and I am a singer/songwriter living in the beautiful state of Maine.  I love playing music and sharing stories with whoever will listen.  I love God and I love people.  I want to use this website to connect with people, share my music, and hopefully make your day a little brighter.  

I released an album called Tales Of A Wandering Heart.  It was an album that was written over a 10-year span of traveling around the world.  The sound of the album is pretty eclectic with a little Jazz, Island, and country sounds all mixed together to tell a story.  I hope you get to take a listen and enjoy the journey through the Tales Of A Wandering Heart.  

I released a single called "Walls"from my upcoming Sophomore release entitled "Through Your Eyes".  It features Ukulele Virtuoso Aldrine Guerrero and you can listen to it on the bottom of this website.  Hit play and take a listen. 

If you are here just by chance, thanks for taking the time to take a look!  

If you are here because I played music for you or we met another way, please feel free to contact me and stay in touch.  

My Life's goal is to Love people and encourage them to do things they never thought possible.  If you are in a dark place or just need someone to talk to please don't hesitate to email me through the Contact Tab.  Only I will be reading those emails and I will take the time to respond.  

Thanks again for stopping by!  Hope to talk to you soon.

Joey Charles